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Host: GT Taylor

Station Info, GT Reggae Radio was started in 2020 by GT Taylor as a support for the people of Jamaica and the World to ease the stress of the pandemic.


GT Taylor has been a Reggae Radio Announcer/Presenter in Jamaica, W.I. for nearly 30 years. He can be heard on Reggae Radio with two popular Reggae & Dancehall programs every week. GT Taylor has been keeping listeners in Jamaica, also Worldwide listeners through the Internet, glued to his broadcasts with his magnetic vibes and an energy that is hard to compare.



GT Taylor, also known as The Dancehall Master, is the person who first brought DANCEHALL to radio! The lifespan of an entertainer is unpatriotic. It takes a particular type of person, a certain magic, stamina, charm and luck to remain a legend for decades, while still remaining relevant with the ever-changing times. GT Taylor is truly a Jamaican icon whom remains relevant in the entertainment, specifically the music industry of Jamaica!


For more on GT Taylor on all the social media sites (find links at bottom of page) also visit


Welcome to GT’s Reggae Radio chat room! During broadcasts, send messages to the broadcaster, send shout-outs, send big-ups & chat with music fans from all over the World. Social Conduct: • Please be respectful to the broadcaster as well as to the other listeners. • Please no explicit language or otherwise inappropriate messages. • Please no consecutively repeated messages.

Main Info

Chat room

Sundays (7am-12pm):

The Sunday Gospel...

The Best of Continuous Jamaican Gospel

The Sunday Cruise - Retro & More: 5-9pm

Live Broadcast with GT Taylor:  5pm

Mondays (2-6pm):

Reggae/Dancehall & The Artist Spotlight (Artists Interviews)

Live Broadcast with GT Taylor.

* Rebroadcast: 6-10pm.

*All Times are in Jamaica Time

GT Reggae Radio is a 24-hour Jamaican Online Radio Station, streaming continuous  music of all major Jamaican genres: Gospel, Ska, Reggae & Dancehall.


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In the US (510) 384-6637 In Jamaica (876) 381-1640
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GT clarified the Reggae Radio to businesses part. Make GT Reggae Radio 24-hour streaming available at your business by simply logging on to the GT Reggae Radio website & broadcasting it through your sound system in your place of business. Generate more revenue & create an entertaining environment for your customers. Promote your own business & increase your business’s potential by advertising with us. Whether by announcer advertising, your pre-recorded commercials, a custom-made commercial we can make for you, or by visual ads on the GT Reggae Radio streaming website, we can make your workplace happily work for you! You can advertise current sales, promotions & events to bring in new customers as well as to sell more of your services to your already existing customers. Please inquire via email for all advertising rates with GT Reggae Radio.



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